Funeral of the Ahwazi Arab who set himself on fire turned into demonstration

Today ,23 of March 2015 according to the latest reports from Ahwaz ,the funeral turned to a full-scale demonstration, where participants chanted Arabic slogans against the discriminative policies of Iranian government .


In one of the most concerning reports, the level of dust and particles in the air in the city of Ahwaz was reported to be 70 times higher than the officially reported number. Moreover, there were reports concerning the severe air pollution in Ilam and demonstration of the people of Abadan regarding the drastically high level of air pollutants and particles.

AHRO Condemn the Arrestation and the Excessive Violence against the Ahwazi Fans After the Football Match

The Iranian police and security forces have launched a mass arrest against Ahwazi Arab fans on Tuesday 17th of March ,after the end of a football match between "Foolade Ahwaz " and "Saudi Hilal" in "Kadeer" stadium in Ahwaz .Arab fans held banners written in Arabic and chant slogans calling for their right and demanding the end of oppression and marginalization .

Dr.Karim Abdian speech on the sidelines of 28th session of Human Rights council

On Thursday 19th of March a side event was held at the United Nations in Geneva over non-Persian ethnic and religious minorities in Iran . The conference was attended by the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations on human rights

Clashes between the Iranian security forces and Ahwazi Arab fans


The Iranian security forces clashed with the Ahwazi Arab fans following the football match of Saudi Al-hilal against Foolad Ahwaz (Khuzestan) on Tuesday 17th March 2015. Sources from Ahwaz confirmed that the Iranian security forces arrested

An Ahwazi Arab set himself alight against confiscation of his kiosk

Ahwazi Arab young man set himself alight in front of the municipal office Mohammarah (‪Khorramshar) when the security officers confiscated his kiosk on Saturday 14 March 2015, he was admitted to local hospital and is in critical situation.

Karim Abdian

AHRO participates in WGEID 105th session on enforced disappearance

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization participates in the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances at its 105th session in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 2 – 6 March 2015.

ahro atteneded by unpo feb 15

The report also suggests targeted recommendations to the central government, the Kurdish Regional Government, and the international community.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization(AHRO) condemns terrorist attacks in France

Jaber Sakhravi-Ahwazi Arab

Sunni converts tortured in detention, health deteriorating, Iran


HRANA News Agency – Two men from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority who were arrested in Iran earlier this year after converting from Shi’ism to Sunni Islam were reportedly subjected to severe torture whilst held in the Ministry of Intelligence detention center in Ahwaz.