Ali Chebieshat, Sayed Khaled Mousawi

Two Ahwazi Arab men on death row, Ali Chebieshat and Sayed Khaled Mousawi, have been transferred from Fajr Prison in Dezfoul, Khuzestan province, to an unknown location, sparking fears their execution may be imminent.

Iranian Intelligence Arrest a 22 year-old Photographer
Iranian intelligence arrested the 22 year-old Hakim Marwani ,a photographer and cultural activist on social media .His photos and videos portrayed a range of subjects such as the poverty and deprivation of indigenous population and social and cultural aspects of Ahwazi Arab lives in Arabistan .
According to eyewitnesses, Iranian intelligence in civilian clothing broke into his house in “Mallashieh” west of Ahwaz and confiscated his computer and phone and transferred him to an undisclosed location .
According to Ahwazi activists ,Hakim Marwani who has won first place in “Reyhana festival for young photographers “ studies in Ahwaz tech university and is considered one of Arab cultural and environmental activists where subjects of his photography is environmental pollution ,drought of Karoon river, social ,cultural and traditional landscape of Arabistan region .
Recently the Iranian authorities have started a massive campaign of arrests ,targeting these youth who only through peaceful and lawful ways have shown their dissatisfaction with Tehran’s policies .
This November “Hussein Bagherzadeh” ,the head of intelligence in Al-Ahwaz region has announced the launching of “security and intelligence academy “ in Ahwaz for managing their “soft intelligence war” to combat the rising dissatisfaction of people by the policies being carried out by the central government .

An Ahwazi Arab set himself alight against confiscation of his kiosk

Ahwazi Arab young man set himself alight in front of the municipal office Mohammarah (‪Khorramshar) when the security officers confiscated his kiosk on Saturday 14 March 2015, he was admitted to local hospital and is in critical situation.

A 45-year-old Ahwazi citizen by the name of Ghasem Bawi has committed suicide due to the torture he endured during his arrest by the Iranian authorities, the Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) sources reported.  

Bawi was arrested during the November anti-government protests in Ahwaz. He committed suicide a few days after his release due to the physical and psychological torture he endured during his arrest. 

Bawi was arrested by mistake as he was passing by a demonstration in the Kut Abdollah area. He was not involved in the protests. 

According to AHRO’s sources, Bawi, who was detained in a security centre for 10 days, had been suffering severe seizures for several weeks after his release until his suicide. He was deprived of sleep as a result.  

According to eyewitnesses, Bawi suffered from nightmares and constantly recalled his torture in detention, as well as the torture and screams of detained children and women. 

Bawi said that he used to hear them constantly in the cell but as the place was completely dark, he could not see anything or anybody. 

Bawi committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on December 13 and his body was buried on December 15.

What happened to Ghasem Bawi is a clear example of the cruel arrests and brutal torture of peaceful Ahwazi citizens and protesters by the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Following the nationwide anti-government protests last month, about 2,500 Arab citizens have been arrested in various parts of the Ahwaz province, and about 70 to 100 Ahwazi protesters have been killed by security forces and the IRGC. 

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) 

29 December 2019 

Ahwazi People

An Iranian goverment plan to seize Ahwazi Arab farm lands


- United Nation Human Rights Council

- Indigenous People Organisation in United Nation

- The UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, Ahmad Shaheed

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Akbar Torkan an Iranian politician and Chief Adviser of President Hassan Rouhani, says any Iranian from other provinces should have a farming land in Mohammara (Khoramshahr) & Abbadan.