ahwazi demo

Ahwazi Arab activists are warning that the pre-emptive arrests of hundreds of Arabs ahead of the anniversary of the April 2005 Ahwaz intifada will be repeated on a national scale ahead of the presidential elections.

The Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation has named over 250 Ahwazi Arabs have been rounded up and held without charge in an effort to intimidate and silence protests. The actual number is likely to be far higher.

Small sporadic and peaceful protests have occurred in Arab neighbourhoods in Ahwaz, including the use of motorbikes to disrupt highways and calls of "Allahu Akbar" from rooftops at night. However, the level of state terror under effective martial law has deterred many from taking action that could lead to confrontation with the security forces.

The state's ability to prevent unrest with mass arrests of Arabs signals that the regime may take wider action across Iran to intimidate any form of dissent from the hard-line stance of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Spokesman for the British Ahwazi Friendship Society (BAFS) Nasser Bani Assad said: "Political activists elsewhere in Iran have taken a blind eye to the recent events in Ahwaz, but the tactics used against Ahwazi Arabs will be used to prevent any criticism of the regime and the conduct of the election. We believe that if hundreds are arrested in Al-Ahwaz, hundreds more will be arrested in other centres before political activists even get the chance to debate, question and complain. This year is likely to see an unprecedented level of state terrorism to prevent the civil unrest that followed the 2009 presidential election."

The arrests among Ahwazi Arabs continue and until this moment the following names have been confirmed:

Arrests in Kut Abdullah, an area in Ahwaz on Tuesday 16/04/2013

Mohammad Fazely

Hamed Rambi Zadeh son of Jalil

Mahmoud Ketabi son of Ghasem

Jamal Aawaji Zadeh son of Yousef

Ahmad Gourji son of Jomaa

Saeed Gourji son of Jomaa

Madhi Khanfari son of Mohammad, 38 years arrested on 17th April 2013

Arrests in Abbadan on Friday 1st April 2013:

Abdulreza Ghoubaishawi

Mohammad Karimi

Jasem Nawaseri

Ghasem Saymari

Samir Khanafereh

Abdulreza Aanafcheh

Reza Saedi

Ramazan Bawi

Jaber Al Kathir

Abdulreza Thameri

Mohammad Aabadi

Aamar Mosawi

Emad Salamat

Arrests in Aljarahi, Maashour on Sunday 3rd April 2013:

Ali Sakhrawi

Hadi Khethairi

Najem Moghadam

Ibrahim Haj Moghadam

Arrests in Dour-khwaieen, Alfalahieh (Shadegan)

Jasem Deris

Khalaf Jaberi

Kathem Hazbawi

Naser Fazeli

Thamer Mattori

Arrests in Ahwaz city (Kut Abdullah, Kut Alnawaser and Zerghan area) in 3rd March 2013

Akram Badwi

Mahdi Zeheri

Naser Hazbawi

Fakher Helfi

Kathem Nawaseri

Asaad Nawaseri

Jamal Nawaseri

Jalal Badwi

Rahim Torfi

Ibrahim Zerghani

Khalil Shaabani

Maher Khasraji

Jalal Aamouri

Ziaa Sharafi

Hadi Mazraa

Karim Salehi

Abdulreza Hazbawi

Mohammad Bawi

Jasem Aafrawi

Arrests in Abu-Debes an area around Ahwaz city 11/03/2013

Naji Nawaseri

Karim Hashemi

Haidar Kaabi

Eissa Nawaseri

Hadi Soudani

Rami Nawaseri

Khalaf Heleichi

Amin Haidari

Kathem Hazbawi

Arrests in Beyt-Khashan villigae of Shoush city on Wednesday 13/03/2013

Khalaf Thamer

Sayed Hashem Sayed Nour (43 years)

Amer Roustam Zeghebi (37 years)

Jomaa Kaabi

Arrests in Mallashieh area of Ahwazi city in 16/03/2013

Naji Thameri

Hadi Thameri

Mohammad Naseri

Reza Naseri

Hassan Zeheri

Arrests in Kut Abdullah

Habib Badwi

Makki Douraghi

Jaafar Douraghi

Mahdi Hazbawi

Hadi Naseri

Ali Naseri

Kathem Heleichi

Aaref Heleichi

Naji Sawari

Ahmad Amouri

Ismaeil Haiayawi

Nouruz Haiayawi

Ramazan Naseri

Jalil Saedi

Hashem Amouri

Habib Mazraeh (poet)

Adnan Mazraeh (son of Habib Mazraeh)

Hadi Jenadeleh

Karim Torfi

Hatam Saadouni

Hashem Amouri

Nathem Saedi

Kathem Nawaseri

Abdulaali Douraghi (poet)

Shaimaa Douraghi (daughter of Abdulaali)

Sami Albu Aashireh

Hassan Amouri

Jaber Amouri

Najem Nawaseri

Adel Nawaseri

Yaber Al Kathir

Abbas Ishaghi (Artist)

Karim Sawari

Hadi Bachari

Ayad Mohseni

Naji Sawari

Jaafar Badawi

Arrests in Hasir-Abad area of Ahwaz city

Shahab Haiayawi

Ayoub Amouri

Saeed Sawari

Arrests in Jangeyeh village of Ahwazi

Maytham Zeheri

Mohammad Shajerawi

Salman Maawi

Sadegh Nawaseri

Majid Sawari

Arrests in Ghalaat-Chanaan suburban area of Ahwaz city

Naser Amouri

Ali Hazbawi

Mazid Zarghani

Arrests also in Abbadan

Karim Bawi

Hamzeh Haj Moughadam

Amir Rabihawi

Sami Torfi

Fakher Jaderi

Hadi Gharbawi

Sabah Mhawal

Jahad Naseri

In Kaab-Beyt Jouwei area around Shoush city 23/03/2013

Kamal Khanafereh

Nabil Hashemi

Sharif Albu-Sabieh

Jalal Albu-Ghubaysh

Hassan Kaabi

Ghasem Sanad Kaabi

Ali Kaabi

Ghais Saddam Kaabi

Arrests in Ghulestan area in Ahwaz city 24/03/2013

Maher Sharifi

Hadi Sharifi

Rahim Abiyat

Ibrahim Mousawi

Ramazan Saedi

Ali Naseri

Aasi Bachari

Masood Bawi

Majid Masoodi

Shoujaa Torfi

Jalal Jalali

In Mojahed area of Ahwaz city 25/03/2013

Kathem Thameri

Ghazi Khetheri

Habib Tamimi

Taher Rabiehawi

Baghi Mazraa

Makki Moujaddam

Abdulwahed Naseri

Faisal Gharabat

Jasem Fazeli

Samad Mohammadi

Hafez Shaabani

Yousef Naseri

Arrests in Houwayzeh 24/03/2013

Mohammad Saki

Haidar Saki

Mohammad Reza Saki

Ali Bani Saleh

Aqil Jorfi son of Razaq, 18 years

Mohammad Saki son of Abdulzahra

Hamid Saki son of Abdulhussein

Mohammad Fatlah

Ali Silawi son of Souheil

Naser Falahi son of Fakher

Hamid Falahi son of Fakher

Adel Silawi son of Kazem

Arrests in other areas of Ahwaz province

Hadi Farhan Haidari

Aaqil Haidari

Ahmad Farhan Haidari

Adnan Haidari

Karim Hamidawi

Emad Aanafcheh

Hamid Ghanemi

Hadi Ghanemi

Mousa Rashedi

Eissa Karimi

Jamal Al-Kathir

Sadegh Sharifi

Amir Khasraji

Jawad Soudani

Fooad Samiri

Mohammad Aamareh Mouramazi

Ahmad Haidari

Hussein Hasson Torfi (from Abbadan)

Saeed Kathem Mazraa (from Alzeweyeh area of Ahwaz city)

Ali Ghoubeyshawi ( from Maashour)

Naji Hami Ghawabesh (Alkhafajeyh (Sousabgherd))

Bahader Khaledi

Karim Berehi

Naji Sawari

Sami Hamidi

Aanid Asyashi

Moustafa Badwi

Mahdi Badwi

Ghasem Naseri

Jasem Naseri

Abbas Sawari

Dahar Sawari

Emad Jaberi

Hamed Hazbawi

Ali Fazeli

Arrests in Khur Mousa (Bandar Khumainei) in 9th April 2013

Hadi Jaberi

Karim Amouri

Hadi Mousawi

Abdulrahman Khanafereh

Ramazan Nawaseri

Naji Moramazi

Arrest in Darwishiyeh in Ahwaz city in 29th March 2013

Habib Amiri

Arrests in Alzewiyeh area in Ahwaz city on 15th April 2013

Hamid Mazraeh

Salem Bawi

Majid Mazraeh

Jasem Shahbazi

Arrests in Hamidyeh on 14th April 2013

Hamid Fereisat

Mohammad Obeydawi

Mahdi Shoumosi, 22 years

Hamid Abeyat, 35 years

Ghasem Abeyat, 23 years

Mohammad Halafi 24 years

Eissa Saedi, 22 years from Koyeh Mostazaafeen

Abdullah Saedi, 24 years

Rasoul Saedi, 25 years

Qais Obeydawi 24 years from Koyeh Kar-garan

Majed Saedi 27 years, from Koyeh Mostazaafeen

Arrasets in Falahyeh

Mohammad Douraghi son of Abdulkhedr, 27 years

Arrests in Hay-Elthawrah (Kuyeh Alawi) on 16/04/2013

Jasem sawari

Mahdi Sawari son of Sabbah, 25 years on 17th April 2013

Mousa Sawari son of Abed, 22 years on 17th April 2013