Ahro delegation at UN

On 24th of November Ahwaz Human Right Organization participated in 8th session of UN forum on Minority issues ,which discussed the key factors that create and perpetuate vulnerability of minority groups and their exposure to the arbitrary or discriminatory exercise of police powers, including structural discrimination. Mr.Jaber Ahmad made his speech and spoke about his own experience with Iranian government

as he was a member of delegation which visited khomeini in 1979 and demand him to fulfill his promise to minorities ,and not only these promises were not fulfilled but he and his comrades were prosecuted and had to flee from their land. Ms. Mona Silavi another member of the delegation spoke on the second day of the session and discussed Challenges minorities face in the unfair and discriminating Iranian criminal justice systems .Ms Silavi concentrated on women of minorities and the problems they face in demanding their right in the legal system as the only official language in Iran is Persian and great number of women of Arab minority do not even speak Persian which prevents them to seek justice even within Iranian system and in the end she pointed at using family member of activists as a mean to punish and to put pressure on activists to stop their activities and as example she mentioned her own father's case Mr. Yousef Silavi who is one of the enforced disappearance victims along with 400 other cases in Iran since 2009 .


For the video of the speech please click : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-SfhKOVZhA&feature=youtu.be