The conference was organized with the collaboration of UNPO (Unrepresented Nation and People Organization) , the Assyrian Women’s Federation of Sweden and Kati Piri MEP from Social Democratic party in EU parliament.
In the conference Assyrian women activists from Syria, Iraq and Turkey shared their concerns ,experiences and activities with the participants and projected the devastating reality of the life of Christian Assyrians in general and women in particular in absence of any protection mechanism ,neither from the dictatorial regimes ruling in middle east nor the international community .
During this event Ms.Nursel Awrohum the head of the Assyrian Woman’s Federation of Sweden moderated the conference and Ms.Norma Zeito Saadi on behalf of the Central Board of the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) spoke about the abuses which Christian Assyrian have to endure ,abuses which range from killing and imprisonment to selling women to slavery , pressure to convert them to Islam , to wear veil ,destroying their shops and livelihood and discriminating ,victimizing and terrorizing them on all levels .
In turn Ms. Sabah Elia one of the active members of the organization made a heart breaking speech about her personal experience as relative of several ISIS captives in Syria.
We in Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO)declare our solidarity with the Assyrian nation in general and Assyrian women in particular and as Elamite Ahwazi Arabs ,one of the ancient indigenous nations in Mesopotamia who share history and culture with the great nation of Assyria will support their calls for justice and peace .