Iran: Protests in Ahwaz and Mahabad and Balouchistan

Protests reached south of Iran in Ahwaz (Araistan)region, after Kurdish region in West and Baluchistan in East uprising .Today hundreds of Ahwazi workers organized a protest in "Zuwieh" in Ahwaz in front of "keyson " metro company due to expulsion of 400 Arab workers.

According to Rihab News reports from the workers who have been laid off and organized numerous strikes during the past two weeks ,"The company fired the Arab workers after going on strike for not receiving their salary for 6 months ,and they were replaced by other workers from other Iranian areas", a move that according to Ahwazi Arab activists comes within the framework that seeks to change the demography of Ahwaz region .

According to local media in Ahwaz, these laid off workers announced that they will continue their protest until they overdue salaries are paid and they are back to their jobs. The Iranian authorities instructed several companies in the field of oil, steel ,sugar ,and petrochemicals in Ahwaz province the expulsion of thousands of Arab workers during the past months .

In this context ," Iran National Steel Industrial Group "in Ahwaz expelled 40 Arab citizens from work ,in addition "Azadegan " oil company expelled 130 Arab employees ,including engineers, technicians and replaced the Arab work force with workers from other areas of Iran .

Armed clashes

On the hand, activists on social networks reported that violent armed clashes broke out in Kian shop center in Ahwaz, around 9 P.M on Sunday between the security patrols and Arab youth .

Eyewitnesses said that the patrols arrested number of Young Arab men, including Ahmad Alsari and they shoot his brother Masoud , which caused injuries in his hand and neck .

In a related context, the Iranian authorities announced that they will carry out executions against detained Ahwazis who allegedly carried out assassination operation against a security officer and two soldiers last months with no details about their trials.

Reports and statements of international human rights organizations and UN special rapporteur on Iran indicates that ; the Iranian authorities rely on forced confessions under torture against political detainees and they terminate theses political oppositions by holding them responsible for crimes they have not committed and then they execute them according to trials that lack the minimum standards of justice.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO)

12 May 2015