Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (‪AHRO‬) strongly condemns the recent unfair and controversial mass executions and imprisonments verdicts against Ahwazi political activists by the revolutionary court of Ahwaz.
The court has confirmed the death penalty against Qais Abidawi and his brother Ahmad Abidawi and their cousin; Sajjad Abidawi, whom all from Hamidia city (20KM from Ahwaz). Also, the same court has issued unjust verdicts against Mohammad Helfi to 23 years and Mehdi Sayahi to 35 years to both spend their imprisonment in the city of Yazd and Mehdi Moarabi and Ali Abidawi, who both have to spend 25 years in prison.
Despite the Iranian regime has previously arrested four people on the same charge and has sentenced one to life imprisonment and the rest to exile or 20 years in prison but the recent sentences emerged how the regime uses the judiciary system as instrument to intimidate, stop or remove any ‪#‎Ahwazi‬ peaceful activist disregarding of their way of expressing their human rights demands.
The head of judicial regime department in Ahwaz (Khuzestan) Farhad Afshar Nia, in his last media statement, announced that the regime soon will carry out executions against those so-called “Mohareb” (enmity with God) or undermining the national security.
The ‪#‎Ahwaz_Human_Rights‬ Organization while vehemently condemns such unjust sentences against humanity which is contrary to the universal human rights declaration, it urges all international human rights organizations and states to intervene to enforce Iranian regime to halt crimes against Ahwazi people and calls for a fair and international level public re-trial for Ahwazi detainees.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation-AHRO
2 April 2016