Prison sentence of five years to life against Ahwazi activists

Branch one of Islamic revolutionary court in Ahwaz sentenced 4 Ahwazi activists to 5 years to life ,on charges of "establishing an unauthorized organization" , "endangering national security" , "enmity against God" and "corruption ".


According to the reports by Ahwazi and Iranian human rights organizations,Hasan Obeydat 36 years old: life in prison,Khaled Ebeydawi 29 years old: 10 years in prison, Eydan Beitsayah 37 years old :5 years in prison ,Jasem Alsaedi 34 years old :5 years in prison . The Iranian security forces have arrested these activists in April 2012 in Hamidiya city west of Ahwaz, Human rights organizations reported that they were subjected to physical and psychological torture during the period of their detention in solitary confinement which lasted for 11 months.

Press TV ,an official Iranian English speaking news channel ,have broadcasted the confessions of two of these detained activists who confessed that they have attacked two agents of Basij from the revolutionary guard and had wounded them.

However, in their statement before the judge defendants denied all the charges against them , stating the confessions were forcibly taken from them under severe torture by intelligence agents.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organizations condemns these extreme sentences and demands the international organizations to pressure the Iranian officials in order to release these political prisoners and stop all executions and prison sentences against political activists.


Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation

20 Aug 2014