Assad Salehi

According to the reports received by Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO),yesterday 29/07/2014 which was Coincided with the first day of Fetr eve in Ahwaz a 23 year old Ahwazi activist , "Asad Salehi" son of Zeidan , who obtained chemistry degree from Chamran university , and worked as an employee in Abadan oil refinery plant , from Malashieh neighbourhood was arrested by intelligent services from his house and was taken to an undisclosed location .


Asad Salehi was previously arrested for 6 months on the charges of "cultural activities" but was exonerated by the revolutionary court .

Eye witnesses stated that : "agents in civilian clothing ,driving a white Peugeot kidnapped Asad in a street near his house while he was on the way home and took him to an un-known place." The eyewitnesses also added that half an hour after this incident police officers broke into his family's house and searched the place.

So far there has been no news about the place where this activist is been detained nor the charges raised against him.