Ahwazi Arab and Azerbaijani Turks activists took part in the International Labor Day demonstrations in Stockholm

on first of May in Stockholm Dozens of Ahwazi activists and Azerbaijani Turks participated in a demonstration organized on labors' day by Swedish left parties .

Participants condemned the increasing rate of execution and torture of political prisoners and the continuation of human rights violations against Arab and Turk minority in Iran and demanded the stop of ethnic cleansing in Ahwaz and the mass arrest and torture of Azari political prisoners and continuation of oppression and discrimination of non Persian ethnicities in Iran .

In this rally representatives of Ahwaz Human Rights Organization and theCenter for combating Racism and discrimination against Arabs in Iran and other human rights activists from Ahwazi Arab and Azerbaijani Turks were present and declared the solidarity of Arab and Turks in Iran against discrimination and oppression and the common struggle for freedom and achievement of their national rights .

Some of these activist such as : Yousef Azizi Banitorof the president of Center for combating Racism and discrimination against Arabs in Iran, Alireza Ardebili from National Democratic Alliance of South Azerbaijan –birlik and Doman Radmehr from Azerbaijan human rights organization and Saleh Hamid from Ahwaz Human Rights Organization were interviewed by the media in the demonstration .

The speakers stressed on the need for joint fight of the Arab and Turks and other non-Persian nations in order to achieve their rights. They also called the European Union and Swedish government and other human rights organizations in Europe to have more attention on the human rights situation in Iran ,and by putting pressure on Iranian Officials put an end to the human rights violation against minorities.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation