On 23th Sep was the first day of academic year in Iran and according to residents and eye witnesses majority of schools in “Gheizanieh” district are not open to the students.

“Gheizanieh” district in Ahwaz has 80 villages and 38,000 in residence out of which 9,000 are students.

Mohammed Bavi, a member of the city council of Ahwaz stated that “Ghizanieh “ has 60 schools ,40% of which do not have teacher or administrative staff,Bavi added that in response to city council concerns,  officials of department of education in Ahwaz reported that they are facing a serious shortness in staff and the families of the students have to take the matter in their own hand.

Meanwhile the same department of education has issued a memo that does not allow the employment of independent teachers. 

Department of education in Ahwaz has prioritised districts such as “Zeytun Karmandi”, “Shahrak Naft”, “New side”, “Shahrak Haffari”, “Koye Naft” while ignoring suburbs such as “Ghizanieh”, “ Zergan”, Zowieh” and “Berval”.    

According to reports 3 schools that were promised by the governor to receive students by the beginning of this school year, are left half-built due to lack of funds.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation