During the past days , Iranian security has arrested 4 Ahwazi Arab men who then were transferred to prison .
The following are their names and information we have currently on hand :
1- Mohammad Sawari ,22 years old from ‘Alawi “ area who was arrested on 15th of November 2016 . The family does not have any news about his fate or whereabouts .
2- Mohammad Mahdi ,20 years old from “Hamidieh” . Arrested on 16th of November 2016 by security forces .
3- Ali Sawari ,25 yeas old from “Alawi” area .Arrested on 18th of November by security forces . His family were not informed about his fate or whereabouts .
4- Hakim Marwani ,a university student ,photographer and cultural activist on social media .He is from “Malashieh” area and was arrested on 19th of November 2016 . The security forces broke into his father’s house to arrest him .
Ahwaz Human Rights Organization condemns these unlawful arrests with no warrants that are aiming at terrorizing the Ahwazi Arab . AHRO demands immediate release and protection of these youths and warns the Iranian authorities from torturing the detainees psychologically and physically as they have done in previous cases .