The Ahwazi Arab death row prisoner Hashem Shabani (31), who is facing imminent execution for "enmity with God" along with four other friends and colleagues, has been transferred to unknown place by the Iranian Intelligent Services. According to Ahwazi human rights sources family of the prisoner are worried that he might be taken for execution. The Ahwazi Arab activist arrested in February 2011, and was sentenced to death in July 2012. He is married with one child. He has a Bachelor degree in Arabic language literature and education and holds a Masters degree in Political Sciences from Ahwaz University.

.The other four prisoners are Mohammed Amouri, Hadi Rashidi, and brothers Jaber al-Boushakeh and Mukhtar Al-Boushakeh were sentenced to hanging for the same crimes. They previously wrote a letter from their prison and confirmed that they have never participated in any armed activity whatever the motives. They also urged international human rights organisations and NGO's to stop the execution.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO)