On 10th of February 2017 , at 6 P.M ,Iranian security forces killed an Ahwazi Arab citizen by the name of “Hasan Alboghobeish” from Fallahieh city , south of Ahwaz .

“ Hasan “ was shot by direct bullets of the security forces who were chasing motorcyclists with their car . As motorcyclists ignored the warnings ,security elements opened fire on them near “Aboodi “bridge ,where “Hasan” received a direct shot in the head and immediately died on the scene.

The two passengers on the motorcycle Mr. Sayed Ali Mosavi and Sayed Mustafa Mosavi were injured and till this moment the reason why the bikers were chased by security forces is not clear .

This is the third similar incident that is being repeated by the security forces in Ahwaz region .In November of 2106 ,the same forces shot a moving car passing through a check point and killed a 3 year-old Ahwazi Arab girl who was in the car with her father and mother in “Alawi “ area ,west of Ahwaz. After Mr. Sawari ,an Arab citizen and activist who was wanted by the internal security forces of Ahwaz , did not comply with the orders to stop in the inspection point , his vehicle was shot ,resulting in the death of his daughter and injury of his wife.

Several bullets penetrated the body of 3 year-old “Raghad” ,killing her on the spot ,while slo the mother received serious injuries and was sent to hospital and Mr.Sawari himself was arrested and transferred to an undisclosed location .

This is not the first time that Ahwazi Arab citizens fall the victim of these random shootings by police at checkpoints or at raids to arrest wanted activists of even ordinary citizens.

In November 2015 , hundreds demonstrated the killing of the 17 year-old “Ali Jalali “ who was shot by the Iranian police forces during their raid in a populated market area in “Nahda” district in Ahwaz .

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation condemns ,the repeated indiscriminate shootings of Ahwazi citizens by the Iranian security forces and police . AHRO demands that the perpetrators be brought to justice and calls for an end to these killings that target the Arab citizens in public and private places .

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation