The Iranian authorities have continued to suppress the protests and strikes of workers of the Ahwaz Steel Company. The Iranian security services continue to crack down on them and have arrested 41 workers during a raid from Sunday night until Tuesday morning, 18 December 2018.
The following is the list of workers currently detained:
1- Meysam Ali Ghanavati
2- Isa Mar’ee
3- Amin Alvani
4- Morteza Akbarian
5- Taregh Khalafi
6- Masoud Afri
7- Jafar Sobhani
8-Mostafa Ebeyat
9-Gharib Houizawi
10- Karim Sayahi
11- Hamed Baseri
12- Hafez Kanaani
13 - Hamed Jodaki
14- Hossein Davoodi
15- Kazem Heydari
16- Yasser Ebrahimian
17- Majid Janandleh
18- Cyrus Ismaili
19- Ali Agh’ba
20- Mohsen Baluti
21- Mohammad Pour Hasan
22- Mohsen Pah’bati
23- Seyyed Habib Tabataba’i
24- Jassem Romezi
25 - Ali Etmami
26- Seyyed Ali Javadpour
27- Javad Gholami
28 - Abdolreza Dasti
29- Seyd Ahmad SeydNour
30- Fariborz Sheykh Rebat
31- Ehsan Yousefi
32-Behzad Alikhani
33-Ahmad Bawi
34-Arash MohammadPour
35- Maytham AlMahdi
36-Seyd Mustafa Mosawi
37-Seyd Mohammad Mosawi
38-Amir Dehghan
39- Majid Jalai
40-Husain Asakra
41-Behzad Shahbazi

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, while supporting the demands of workers, strongly condemns the crackdown on them and calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all detained workers.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization
18 December 2018