A leaked document revealing the government’s cabinet instruction for the transfer of Karoon’s water
Ahwaz Human Rights Organization has obtained this leaked document in which the head of the government’s cabinet has ordered the transfer of Karoon’s water and has demanded from number of ministers to issue the necessary procedures and funds for the implementation of the project.
The full text of this document for implementation of water transfer projects “Koohrang3 “ and “Behesht Abad” has been circulating among users of the social media .
Government of president Rouhani is ordering the implementation of this project which intends to transfer the water from southern region to upper regions on the expense of destruction of the ecosystem ,the living-hood and animal life of southern regions , a project that previously has witnessed repeated objections from the public and some parlimantarians . But as it seems the administration has chosen to ignore these objections and pleads.
Mr.Mohsen Haidari the representative of Ahwaz city in the majles has also called upon this subject during a meeting ,but it was not taken to accounts by government officials .
The confidential document signed by Mr.Mohsen Haji Mirzayi, the head of Iranian government’s cabinet addresses ministry of energy , ministry of agriculture ,ministry of industry , ministry of trade in addition to head of central bank and budget planning of the country in order to issue the necessary funding to transfer water from Karoon to Isfahan .
In the same document Mirzayi also demands a compensation for the farmers of Isfahan ,while none of farmers from Arabistan region ( Khuzestan province ) were ever compensated for the damages they suffered due to water transfer from their region .
Ahwaz Human Right Organization condemns any activity or project that endangers the environment or the civilian population in regardless to their race or language .
it is worth mentioning that Mohesn Haidari ,the representative of Ahwaz city in the majles and other Ahwazi representaives in the parliament have obejected to this project and environmentalists and citizens of Ahwaz have invited the people to a peacful gathering in the wastern coast of Karoon river on thursday 8 of december at 15:00.
We in AHRO believe that this excessive water transfer projects will destroy agriculture , drastic climate changes , drought and eventually destroy any possibility to revive the region and will force the indigenous population to migrate , this could be part of the government’s plan to change the demography of the Arab populated regions in the southwest .
We call upon all organizations and institutions concerned with the protection of environment such as United Nation Environment program (UNEP ) , International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) , and Global Facility (GEF) to exercise pressure on the Iranian government in order to avoid a irreversible environmental catastrophe in the middle east .
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