Iran impedes Dr.karim Abdian's selection as a new member of UNPFII ,United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
Iran with coordination with its allies in the United Nation ,such as Russia ,China and other countries that can be considered its allies impeded Dr. Karim Abdiab , the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization director , and expert of international relations and diplomacy from being selected as a member of United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues during the 2017-2019 term . UNPFII is an advisory body to the United Nation economic and Social Council
Last March Dr. Abdian was nominated among the 5 international experts for Asia to be a member of this forum of which Mr. Phoolman Chaudhary from Nepal became a member . Dr. Abdian congratulated Mr. Chaudhary for his selection as a member of UNPFII and wished him success .
It is worthy to mention that the indigenous experts forum comprises of 16 members, of which 8 are appointed by the member states and the other 8 are elected from among the representatives of civil society organizations registered in the United Nations, which is more than 4,000 organizations through which Iran and its allies managed to prevent Dr.Karim Abdian's selection as a member in the forum . This by itself confirms Iranian regime's fear of the Ahwazi nation's fight in the international platforms and United Nation's institutes.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organization