Iranian judiciary officials have announced regime’s supreme court decision to publicly execute three Ahwazi political prisoners very soon in Alahwaz( also known as Khouzestan).

In April 2015 Qais Abidawi and his brother Ahmad Abidawi and their cousin; Sajjad Abidawi along with four other Ahwazis have been arrested by the regime’s security intelligent forces in Hamidiyeh town(20km northwest Ahwaz city) with allegation in having involvement in killing three revolutionary guards in town of Hamidiyeh.

Four other Ahwazi prisoners who also received long imprisonment and exile sentences are including Mohammad Helfi (age 25) to spend 23 years imprisonment in Yazd city, Mehdi Sayahi to spend 35 years imprisonment in Yazd as well as Mehdi Moarabi and Ali Abidawi to spend each of them 25 years in prison.

We in Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation have strong evidences that the regime has taken force confessions from Ahwazi prisoners during their detention in revolutionary guards’ detention centres in which later on has publically broadcasted them on state’s run Press TV which is apparently in contradiction of regime’s obligation to the international law and human rights declaration.
There is no doubt that these sentences are aimed to stop Ahwazi people from demanding their legitimate rights to live freely as all sentences were taken on non-existent trials and lack of basic judicial standards such as having access to independent lawyers or unbiased courts.

AHRO strongly condemns such barbaric and medieval level sentences issued against these innocents Ahwazi political activists and at the same time appeals to the international community to interfere with the Iranian regime to stop his mass execution machine against Ahwazi people.

Ahwaz human Rights Organization
19 June 2016