domonstrations in Ahwaz

AHRO's urgent appeal demanding a solution for reduction of sand storm and environmental disasters.

AHRO's urgent appeal demanding a solution for reduction of sand storm and environmental disasters.

Over the past few years ,Ahwazi cities witnessed waves of sandstorms which disrupted the Ahwazi citizens daily lives, in addition the symptoms caused by dust particles made 1000's of civilians rushing to hospital for urgent medical care.

Examining this phenomenon and the resulting humanitarian disasters, soon you discover that, these are the results of government policies of ecological destruction and lack of management in the field of environment for the past three decades and their indifference to the dangers it might cause for the Ahwazi Arabs people.

These storms that resulted in ecological destruction are caused by the dames projects set up by the Iranian government on the rivers flowing toward Ahwaz city such us :Dez,Karkheh and Karoon which in turn caused desertification and drought that even reached the marshes and palm plantations in Ahwaz .In the past, these plantations and marshes used to function as filters that purify the air .

In addition to what was earlier discussed ,the pollutants emitted from oil and other industrial waste and the burning smoke from burning the sugar cane plants every year causes serious damages and not only on the human being living there but also the environment .

Every time a sand storm breaks, one of officials begins his statements, but as soon as the storm calms ,so does the officials. But this matter requires a fair distribution of water , both short and long programs ,and solve the problem of these sand dunes that as if crawling into Ahwazi cities.

The Ahwazi Arab citizens ,should firstly stand in the face of these policies, and protest a government which through its erroneous policies caused these environmental disasters ,in addition ,calling for an urgent interventions by organizations that are concerned with environmental affairs ,as destruction of environment equals the gradual death of Ahwazi Arab citizens.

Ahwaz Human Right Organization condemns the inhumane policy Iranian government is pursuing ,and admire its people for organizing peaceful protests to pressure the government to solve this phenomenon ,staring with equitable water distribution.

AHRO calls for civil societies and other political actors concerned with the Iranian nation to also expose these policies through their media and stand beside our people in their demand of equitable water distribution.

We call humanitarian organizations ,and especially those within the framework of United Nation ,to make all efforts to directly intervene in order to end this human tragedy suffered by our people, through any legal remedies .

Ahwaz Human Right Organization