Mass Arrests on the First Day of Eve in Ahwaz
Iranian security launched a mass arrest campaign on the first day of Eid al-Fitr in various areas of Ahwaz and other cites in Al-Ahwaz .
Currently there are more than a dozen Ahwazi Arab men under arrest :
1- Ahmad Hazbawi
2- Naser Asadi
3- Morteza Silawi
4- Morteza Hardani
5- Mohammad Afrawi
6-Maher Masoudi
7- Ali Zuhairi
8- Adnan Hardani
9- Ahmad Braje’e
10-Ali Sharifi
11-Ahmad Masoudi
12- Mohammad Masoudi
13- Obaida Eskein Qazlawi
14- Aziz Hamidawi (Ahwaz -Weis )
15-Mohammed Hamidawi (Ahwaz- Weis )
15- Abbas Fior (Abadan)
16- Mohannad Baqlani (Abadan )
The last two names above were organising a march for Eid greetings as it is an Ahwazi tradition to visit friends and family on the first day of Eid -al Fitr .
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation condemns these repeatedly arbitrary arrests and calls on the Iranian government to respect the right of freedom of assembly and demands the immediate and unconditioned release of these Ahwazi Arab citizens.