Latest on Kurdish, Arab political prisoners in Iran’s Yasuj Prison

Two political prisoners in Iran, Ghadriyeh Ghaderi and Fahimeh Esmaili, a Kurd and an Arab, have been detained in the Correction and Rehabilitation Center of Iran’s Yasuj Prison and sources are saying that they have been kept in highly difficult conditions.
Following the breaking news about their conditions, the court of Orumiyeh rejected any requests to the prison to grant leave for Ghadriyeh Ghaderi and the intelligence office of Yasuj is introducing new charges against Fahimeh Esmaili.
An reliable source told Kurdistan Human Rights Networks (KHRN) that “the prosecutor of Orumiyeh rejected temporary leave to Ghadriyeh Ghaderi and announced that for security reasons she does not have right to prison leave and forgiveness until her prison sentence end nine months later. She has been in prison since May 2011. While this Kurdish prisoner suffers from an illness that causes numbness and pain in her left ear with the confirmation of health care center of the prison of Yasuj, she was only allowed 15 days leave in August 2015, but because of lack of time she was not able to get enough treatment in hospitals outside of the prison.”
This source said: “In May 2015, the supervisor judge of Yasuj Prison agreed to Ghaderi´s short prison leave but the Orumiyeh prosecutor rejected her request in an official letter.”
Fahimeh Esmaili is an Arab woman political prisoner and the KHRN said: “After the news about Ismailia being beaten by a woman security officer named as Ameneh Fuladi in the prison was widely published by media outside Iran, Yasuj intelligence office personal now recommend new charges against this prisoner. Esmaili sued the officer at court, but the officer sued her as well. On 10 August, the intelligence forces visited Esmaili´s ward and interrogated one of her roommates about Esmaili.”
The two prisoners have been imprisoned in the prison of Correction and Rehabilitation Center with 30 other non-political prisoners who are under 18 years of age.
Warm water of prison has been cut for over six months and prisoners have to bath in cold water.
Even the cold water is being cut for several days, according to KHRN sources, and this resulted in wide protests by prisoners but no action has yet been taken by the prison authorities to resolve the issue.
Fahimeh Esmaili was a teacher at a preliminary school and she and her husband Ali Maturi Zadeh were arrested on 28 November 2005 when she was pregnant.
One month later, her daughter, Salmi, was born in the detention facility of the intelligence office of Ahwaz.
The woman was later sentenced to 15 years in prison and Ahwaz Revolutionary Court sentenced her husband to death on charges of “Enmity against God”.
Her husband was hanged on 19 December 2015 and she was transferred to Yasuj Central Prison.
Ghadriyeh Ghaderi is a Kurdish political prisoner who was arrested in June 2011 in the city of Orumiyeh.
In order to obtain confessions from her, the intelligence forces of Orumiyeh severely tortured her for two months.
The torture she had faced had been so harsh she was later unable eat or drink for two weeks after she was transferred to the Orumiyeh prison, KHRN sources have said.
The Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court sentenced her to 10 years in prison on charges of “cooperation with Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK]”.
However, the Court Appeal diminished the sentence to 7 years in prison.