Five Ahwazi Arab activists from Hamidyeh face imminent execution in public by the Iranian regime.

Ghais Obeidavi, Hamoud Obeidavi, Mohammad Halafi, Mehdi Moaarabi and Mehdi Sayahi are Arab activists who were arrested by the Intelligence service previously.

The Iranian national media reported that the head of the Judicial Department in Khuzestan (Ahwaz) said that the five Ahwazi Arabs will be executed soon and publicly.

The activists were arrested in April 2015 in Hamidyeh city, and were forcibly interrogated by the Intelligence services. It was confirmed that the Ahwazi detainees made the confessions after physical and psychological tortures two months following their arrest by the Intelligence and broadcasted on Press TV, the English Iranian channel.

The Ahwaz Arabs were accused of being involved in the assassination of a Revolutionary Guard officer five years ago. The Iranian authority had previously arrested other four Ahwazis for the same reason and sentenced one of them and twenty years and exiled the rest.

The head of the Judicial Department added it cannot be predicted that the case how long will take but since the execution of the five Arabs was confirmed and soon it will be approved by the court and execution will be carried out in public.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (Ahro) condemns the charges and appeals to the United Nations and all its headquarters, experts, all international bodies and organizations defending human rights, in order to stop further executions and all detainees have fair and public trial and to grant the right to defend themselves and provide an independent defense of them

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (Ahro)

10th February 2016