Iranian authorities executed 530 person in the year 2016 . 44 were Ahwazi Arabs and Kurdish political activists who were sentenced to death under the vague charges of “enmity against god” and “sowing corruption on earth”

Islamic regime of Iran uses theses charges to criminalise any individual even if the individual is a peaceful activists and consequently connects their activities with opposition political parties or armed organisations These charges have no base in reality in most of the cases .

In August 2016 the following three Ahwazi Arab activists were executed.
Qayth Abidawi 25 year-old , his brother Ahmed Abidawi 20 year-old and their cousin Sajjad Balawi 26 year-old under the charges of “enimity against God “ , “ threatening the national security “ and “sowing corruption on earth “.

They were arrested among a group of 20 who were also suspected to be involved in a shooting .Later the Revolutionary Court released some of them while a group of four received long prison sentence and the 3 young men were executed .

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation