Ahwazi Arab farmers in “Juffeir” organized a protest against the confiscation of their lands
On Friday 11 march 2016, dozens of Ahwazi Arab farmers in “Juffeir” area protested against confiscation and delivering their lands to “Khatam Al Anbya’a” a association which is a notorious company subsidiary of Iranian Revolutionary Guard under the framework of the so-called "Project 44000 hectares.".
The participants in this peaceful protest held banners and pleaded to the officials and representatives of the province in the Majles and representatives on all political levels in the government to prevent this unjustified takeover of their lands.
This company had previously announced the intention of placing this project and starting a new investment with the support of the government in the framework of their investment programs.
In this regard, the president of Agricultural Jihad Organization in Khuzestan province stated that since 1996 the Iranian government has granted more than 40,000 hectares of the lands in “Juffeir” to 3,200 of war veterans who are mostly non-indigenous .
Ahwazi Human rights Organization condemns confiscation of Arab farmers’ lands and granting them to individuals and companies who are from non-indigenous population and calls for a halt of this project immediately . AHRO believes that such projects fall within the framework of Iranian government’s systematic policies against the Arabs to change the demographic fabric of the region and at the same time pleads to all international organization and international figures concerned with human rights to pressure the Iranian regime to stop this project.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organization