Ahwaz human rights organization (AHRO) representative participated in a four-day workshop, Breaking Barriers! Youth Perspectives on Migration in Europe
The Workshop was co-organized by EFAy, UNPO and Left Youth of Finland with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe

At a time when the migrant crisis dominates headlines in Europe's press, activists, journalists and academics from across the world gathered in Hungary's capital Budapest to discuss the challenges facing migrants and host communities.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations, including the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, sought engaged in dialogue to address the role of human rights, gender, the media and policy-making in dealing with migration and integration.

At the end of the workshop, participants presented projects, initiatives and ideas with assessments of the short- and long-term impact. These ideas drew on the intense discussions and proposals and how projects could be implemented at a country-level.

The conference provided opportunities for members of the Unrepresented Peoples and Nations Organization (UNPO), including the Ahwazis, to share their experiences and their struggles with social activists from Italy, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Finland, Catalonia Somaliland and Hungary.

Among the projects launched by activists as a result of the conference was the "Safe Haven" initiative. It intends to ensure transparency in how EU authorities and member states deal with refugee facilities within the EU through systematic grassroots monitoring and evaluation initiatives. Within days, the "Safe Haven" Facebook page generated hundreds of followers

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization thanks UNPO and other organizers for creating this event and all their efforts to establish long-lasting sustainable peaceful societies by training youth and bringing alternative solutions to the table.