Iranian authorities force labour activist #Mohammad_Kheneifer, a worker of the Haft-Tappeh sugarcane company in the north of #Ahwaz, to make forced confessions. In this footage, Kheneifer states: "I deny the rumours and lies spread by the foreign and opposition media that my whereabouts are unknown and that I have been been subjected to torture.”
Mohammed Kheneifer is not the first to be forced to appear in front of camera to make forced confessions. Other workers, such as #Ismail_Bakhshi and civil rights activist #Sepideh_Gholian, who have been arrested again because they exposed that they were subject to torture in prison, were also previously forced to appear in front of camera and make forced confessions.
Forced confessions by political prisoners under torture is a usual method used by the Iranian Intelligence Services. Some officials and some Iranian television channels have been sanctioned by the European Union for broadcasting such confessions, which are considered flagrant violations of human rights.