On Wednesday 13th February 2019, a group of Ahwazi-Arab political prisoners were beaten and tortured for going on a hunger strike for the past week.

This group of political prisoners protested against the deteriorating state of the central Prison of Ahwaz, which is situated in Sheyban. The main concern for the political prisoners was the lack of separation between central political prisoners and prisoners charged with other offences.

Ali Saedi, sentenced to execution, and other political prisoners facing life in prison such as: Mohammad Ali Amori,Seyyed Jaber Alboshokeh, Seed Mokhtar Alboshokeh ,Abdulzahra Heleychi, Yahya Naseri, Nazem Berehi, Abdul-imam Zayeri, were among the prisoners who went on hunger strike and were beaten and tortured severely during Wednesday's attack and are currently kept in separate cells.

These Arab activists have protested against being kept wth violent prisoners who attack the other prisoners, and the hunger strike became their last resort to encourage the prison management to take action.

According to local human rights activists and Ex political prisoners , the management of prisons in Iran, purposely hold violent prisoners in order to pressure and punish the political prisoners who are already serving long life sentences.

The situation of Ahwaz's central prison is reported as catastrophic. The prison does not contain sanitary facilities, and due to the lack of hygiene and the great number of prisoners, skin diseases are spreading among detainees.

Ahwaz human rights organisation express its deepest sorrows and outrage for the condition in which the prisoners are treated and kept in Iran prisons and especially the notorious prisons of Ahwaz.

We call upon the International community, and firstly to the United Nation special rapporteur on human rights violation in Iran, Mr. Javid, to condemn these practices and exercise pressure on Iranian officials to grant you the right to visit these prisons in person and put an end to the misery of hundreds of political prisoners whose voices are reaching us through their hunger strike.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation
14 Feb 2019