Near family member of an Ahwazi Arab poet has informed AHRO that “Abdul-al Duraqi" who was arrested during recent Ahwaz protests, that he was transferred to Ahwaz's Sepidar hospital on Saturday due to deterioration in his physical condition after severe torture in the Ahwaz intelligence centre.
Through a call with Ahwaz human rights organization, the source emphasised that, despite the very unhealthy situation of Mr. Duraqi he was transferred by security forces to the detention centre of the central prison “Sheiban” in Ahwaz after promptly and temporary treatment.
It is worth mentioning that Abdulal Duraqi, 50 years old, resident of Cantex area was arrested on April 5th by the Ahwaz Information intelligence and suffers from various respiratory and cardiac diseases.
He has been summoned, arrested and imprisoned for numerous cultural activities and for his epic and national poems.
Two weeks after the peaceful demonstration of the Ahwazi Arab people, the number of detainees charged with participation in protests has reached 400.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organization condemns the ongoing crackdown on protests and arrests of Ahwazi Arab citizens who peacefully demonstrated in different cities of Ahwaz( Khuzestan province)  in the past days.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation
9 April 2018