On Wednesday morning  thousands of  Ahwazi Arabs rallied in front of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) building against a program that disregarded them as an ethnicity on Iran’s map and expressed their rejection of the policies of racial discrimination, national oppression, insulting the Arabs and removing them from their areas and housing the immigrants(settlers) from other provinces

The demonstrators chanted  the slogan “Ahwaz is ours ,we will never  give it up" in the midst of the of halahil( Arab women ovations)  in order to prove the identity of their land.

Demonstrators dressed in Arabic traditional clothes and raised slogans in  both Arabic and Persian and called on the radio and television officials to apologise to the Arab people and to reprimand the officials of the program.

Other gatherings in Abadan, ma'ashur and other cities in the region have been organized in recent days to denounce the anti-Arab racist wave in Ahwaz in general   and in the national Iranian media in particular.
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Ahwaz Human Rights Organization
28 March 2018