The Iranian authorities released the Ahwazi-Arab women political prisoner "Fahmia Ismaili" from the Yasuj prison  after 12 years on charges of political activities for the right of Ahwazi-Arabs.

Fahima Ismaili (Badawi), was a former teacher in Ahwaz. She was arrested on 28 November 2005 when she was eight months pregnant along side with her husband, "Ali Mutairi," also a political activist.
A month after her arrest, her daughter "Salma" was born in the detention center of the Ministry of Intelligence in Ahwaz. After that, the Revolutionary Court of Ahwaz sentenced her to 15 years in prison and was taken to the prison of Yasuj.
A year after their arrest, on December 19, 2006, the husband, Ali Mutairi, was executed on charges of fighting God and threatening the national security and belonging to an Ahwazi political organisation
The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO) is welcomes the release of "Fahima Ismaili" and calls on the Iranian authorities to release other political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Ahwaz and entire Iran.


7 December 2017