The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization has sent a list of 277 Arab citizens of Ahwaz, Lor and Bakhtiyans who were arrested during the wave of arrests in the country.
Based on this list, which reached the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization on Sunday, 7-1-2018, it appears that of the 278 people who were arrested in different cities of Ahwaz governorate (Khuzestan)
There are 207 detainees from the city of Ahwaz and 26 of the evangelists and 17 of the Abadan, 19 from Muhammarah, 7 from falahiya, one in Hamidiya and another in Al Huwayzah.
Two demonstrators in the city of Idhaj and two others were also killed in the city of Masjid Sulaiman due to the bloody repression of security forces by peaceful demonstrators.
According to official figures, the number of killed protests in Iran, 22 people since the outbreak of demonstrations on Thursday, December 28, 2017 and arrested more than a thousand citizens and activists said that the number of dead and detainees times the figures announced by the Iranian authorities.
The different cities in Al-Ahwaz, such as Ahwaz, Abadan, Muhammara, Mahshour, Idhaj,  masjid Sulaiman and Hamidiya, have witnessed protests in conjunction with other regions in Iran against policies of discrimination, poverty, unemployment, poor economic conditions, and against expansionist policies of the Iranian regime in the region. The denial of national rights and the double deprivation of Arabs.
The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization condemns the suppression of these peaceful protests and the killing of demonstrators throughout Iran and demands the unrestricted release of the detainees and stresses that the Iranian government should respect the legal right of people to demonstrate peacefully and end the repression and arrest of demonstrators.
It also welcomes the position of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres, on the publication of a statement in which he deplores the killing of demonstrators and called on the Iranian regime to respect the right of the Iranian people to freedom of opinion and peaceful assembly. It also welcomes the decision of the High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights Organization on Tuesday, 3 January 2018, regarding Iran's demand to prevent violence and respect freedom of opinion.
The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization renews its recommendation to the demonstrators throughout Iran, especially in the province of Ahwaz, especially falahiya, Abadan, Tostar, idhaj, Mahshour and others, by demonstrating and protesting peacefully and continuing their demands against the repressive policies of the Iranian regime to restore their basic rights, freedom and democracy, Politicians and racial discrimination against this approach.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization
7 January 2018