According to local sources following the recent mass arrests in southwest of Iran more than 600 Ahwazi Arabs were detained, including political and cultural activists in addition to a number of women and ordinary citizens.
Below is the name of some of the detainees most of whom are from Ahwaz, Muhammarah (Khoramshahr), Abadan and Khafajiah (Susangerd) cities.

  1. 1. Fayez Afrawi, 30 years old, from Alboefri village in Khafajiyah, and his mother.
    2. Mohammad Amin Afrawi, 37 years old, from Alboefri village in Khafajiyah, and his mother.
    3. Abbas Moghaminemi, 26 years old, from Hijaya village in Khafjayeh
    4. Morteza Bayteh Sheikh Ahmad, son of Nasser, 24 years old, from Khafjayeh city
    5. Morteza Moghinami, 22 years old, from Hijaya village in Khafjayeh
    6. Arif Moghinami, 27, from Hijaya village in Khafjayeh
    7. Mohammad Mohammadi (Abyat) 22 years old from Hamidiyeh
    8. Qassim Ka'bawi (Ka'bī), 24, from Hamidiyeh
    9. Mohammad Amouri, 26, who was arrested instead of his brother, from Mallashya (Ahwaz)
    10. Naeem Heydari, 24, from Mallashya (Ahwaz)
    11. Aref Ghazlawi, son of Honoun, from Mallashya (Ahwaz)
    12. Kazem Ghazalavi, the son of Honoun, from Mallashya (Ahwaz)
    13. Ali al-Haya (Haya'i) from Mallashya (Ahwaz)
    14. Shakir Sawari from Mallashya (Ahwaz) 
    15. Seyyed Qasim Mousavi from Mallashya (Ahwaz)
    16. Fazel Shamsi from Mallashya (Ahwaz)
    17. Danial Adil Amjad, 43, Married, from the Mashalei neighborhood city of Ahwaz
    18. Jasem Khorashat, 45, from the Alawi neighborhood (Hay al-Thawra)
    19. Jamil Heydari, 33 years old, from Campolou district of Ahwaz
    20. Majid Heydari, 25, from Campolou district of Ahwaz
    21. Ahmed Hamri, 29, Bachelor, Married, Mandli district, Ahwaz City
    22. Sayyed Jasem Rahmani (Musawi), 33, married, and has three children from Alavi district, city of Ahwaz
    23. Majid Chaldawi, son of Saadoun, from Alavi district, city of Ahwaz
    24. Sayyid Hammoud Rahmani (Musawi from Alavi district, city of Ahwaz
    25. Ali Svari, 23 years old, son of Khafas from Aziziyah city of Ahvaz
    26. Hatam Rider, from Alavi district, city of Ahwaz
    27. Seyyed Sadegh Nazari (Abu Bubil), 70, from Al-Kuhkah (al-Safi) Ahwaz
    28. Sajjad Silavi, 25, from Al-Koukhah (Al-Safi) Ahwaz.
    29. Qays Ghazi from Mellat district
    30. Reza Betrani, 33, son of Haj Mohsen, of Kot Abdullah, has two children.
    31. Majed Sawari
    32. Ali Ghazi Sawari
    33. Mohammad Sabah Sawari
    34. Ali Mezbani Nasr
    35. Karim Mojadam, 38, father of four, from Islamabad, Kot Abdullah.
    36. Mohammad Amin Hasebawi, 30, son of Hajj Mouhiy from Kot Abdullah.
    37. Syd Jassem, 35, father of three, from Souisse village, owner of a cafe located on the Ahwaz-Abadan road.
    38.Abbas Saki, son of Mrawah, from Hiwazah.
    39.Abbas al-Saki son of Abd-ali Sharān from Hiwazah.
    40.Abo-Shaellan Saki from Hiwaazah.
    41. Ja'far Hazbawi, 28, son of Inied, father of two, from Kot-Abdullah al-Sadeh.
    42. Ahmad Hazbawi son of Abdullah, 28-year-old, father of two children from Kot Abdullah al-Sadeh.
    43.Farahan Shamosi from Mallashya
    44.Aghil Shamosi from Mallashya
    45. Lami Shamosi from Mallashya
    46.Hadi Abu Salam Ebidawi from Mallashya
    47.Maher Massoudi from Mallashya
    48. Mukhtar Massoudi from Mallashya
    49. Jader Afrawi from Mallashya
    50. Jalil Mousavi from Mallashya
    51. Sadegh Mousavi from Mallashya
    52. Abbas Bedwi from Mallashya
    53.Javad Hashemi from Mallashya
    54.Ali Heidari Sha'eq from Mallashya
    55.Abdoullah Silawi from Mallashya
    56. Reyad Shamosi from Mallashya
    57.Semir Silawi from Mallashya
    58.Ali Mazrah from Mallashya
    59.Faris Shamosi from Mallashya
    60. Adil zuhairi from Mallashya
    61.Sadiq Silawi from Mallashya
    62.Milad Afrawi from Mallashya
    63. Khalid Silawi from Mallashya
    64. Khalil Silawi from Mallashya
    65. Jamil Silawi from Mallashya
    66. Shani Shamosi from Mallashya
    67. Arif Naseri 30-year-old - Kot Abdullah Ahwaz
    68. Mousa Mazrah - Abu Hemitha Village
    69. Mahdi Mazrah - Abu Hemitha Village
    70.Ahmad Souidi Hajia Village 
    71. Adnan Mazrah - Khafajieh
    72.Miss. Lamia Hamadi - Khafajieh
    73. Fayez Afrawi from Alboefri village
    74_Hassan Harbawi from Al-Faghiyeh.
    75_Jumil Ahmadpur (Al-Haya)
    76_Andan Abidaway
    77-Ramin Bachari, from Muhilah in Ahwaz
    78. Omid Bachari, from Muhilah in Ahwaz
    79. Aziz Hamidawi, from Muhilah in Ahwaz
    80-Mahmoud Doraghi, from Muhilah in Ahwaz
    81-Abofarugh Shajirat, from Muhilah in Ahwaz

The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran , through arbitrary arrests are attempting to exploit the armed attack on the parade of the armed forces in Ahwaz which took place on September 22 of this year and justify the suppression of Arab citizens in Iran . This widespread wave of arrests occurs despite the fact that ISIS claimed the responsibility for the attack. 

By carrying systematic arrest and spreading intimidation among Arab society, Iranian security forces are attempting at distorting the truth about the growing dissatisfaction of the Arab people against the discriminatory politics of the central government.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO) condemns these arrests and calls for an immediate and unconditional release of detainees.Moreover, it warns against potential physical and mental torture to obtain compulsory confessions from detainees.