The Ahwazi Human Rights Organization calls for the release of 4 cultural activists detained by the Iranian security services in the city of Ahwaz several months ago .They were arrested and detained due to their activities in the field of promoting Arab culture and organising cultural events to preserve the Arabic identity in the face of Iranian government systematic forced assimilation of Arabs in Iran, as well as civil activities such as the assistance of the victims of the floods that hit Arabistan (Alahwaz).

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization has received their names and their current circumstances .

1- “Ali Hattab Sari (Zaheri)”,25 years old, married, no children, in his last year of studies in the field of law. He lived in “Dayra” ( Revolution ) neighbourhood of Ahwaz . He is a civil/cultural activist and was arrested on March 15th of this year. “Sari” was detained for 4 months in the security service detention of Ahwaz and later transferred to “Sheyban” (Suleh) prison. He is currently in this prison.

2- “Abdullah Farhoud Jeldawi”, 42 years old, married with 4 kids also from “Dayra” neighbourhood of Ahwaz. He was arrested 3 days prior to “Eid al -Adha” of this year and has been spending the past two months in security service detention center. “Jeldawi” was detained 12 times prior to this.

3-“ Ahmad Salawati(Khasraji)”, 35 years old, single, resident of “Baharestan” neighbourhood of Ahwaz and worked as an electric appliances repairman.He was taken from his home 3 months ago and after investigation was transferred to “Sheyban” prison. However couple of days ago he was again transferred to security services. 9 years ago he was sent to prison for 3 years for for communication with Ahwazi Arab activists abroad.

4-“ Ahmad Tha’albi” known as “Abu Ehsan”, 27 years old, married with two children, worked as a salesman of Arabic traditional cloths and perfume ,also from “Dayra” neighbourhood. “Tha’albi” is a cultural activist and was arrested 21 days ago and is currently in “Sheyban” prison of Ahwaz.

Ahwazi Arabs have launched a campaign on social media called #Freedom and called for the release of these activists .

AHRO strongly condemns the practices of Iranian security authorities in Alahwaz region and considers the suppression of the peaceful civil movement of the Arab activists as part of the policy of silencing these peaceful voices in order to empty the scene of any peaceful activity in Ahwaz.

This is an intelligence policy aimed at encouraging young  Arabs to resort to violence so that the suppression and violence against Arabs by Iranian government would be justifiable .  

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation calls for the immediate and unconditional release of these 4 cultural activists. And demands the Iranian governments to stop these arbitrary arrests and allow the practice of the peaceful activities that aim at preserving the culture, identity and the history of Arabs in Iran. Preserving ones identity and culture is one of the most basic human rights in the world.