On Wednesday 2 May, Executive Director of Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) -Brussels was verbally and physically abused my a pro-Iranian government Professor Mr.Abolfazl Beheshti. 
After the screening of the documentary “The Deminer” during “One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “ in Brussels. A panel was held to discuss the movie which was centred on demining in Iraq. 
During the Q&A Shima Silavi from Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation asked representative of United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC).
The Reason why no funds are dedicated to demining missions in southern and south-western borders of Iran where thousands of land mines  from Iraq-Iran war are left untouched and everyday Kurdish and Arab children fall victims of land mines.
In repose UNRIC responded that: “The Iranian government has to make such demand and according to that United Nation can dedicate fund to demining and currently there has not been a demand. Iraq and Syria are the current priorities for United Nations.”
At the end of the panel a person who introduced himself as “Abolfazl Beheshti”, professor of International relations and Vice-President of European Network for Environment and Sustainable Development (ENESD) criticised Silavi for her comment. Beheshti verbally and physically abused AHRO’s representative in Brussels stating “you are a traitor and liar”
“The Deminer” directed by the Swidish-Kurdish directors Hogir Hirori and Shinwar Kamal is a documentary about the late Major. “Fakher Berwari”, a Kurdish deminer who defused thousands of land mines and road bombs single handedly sacrificing his own life. Major “Berwari” passed away in 2014 during a demining mission.             
The Reaction and the physical abuse of Mr.Beheshti who introduced himself as Iranian embassy employee is a clear attack on the freedom of speech and demonstrates the extent of the violence of  Iranian government supporters. 
Harassment of Ahwazi Arab and Kurdish and other Iranian political and human rights activists by Iranian government embassy agents in European countries is not acceptable. Iranian government has a long and dark history in assassination and intimation of its opponents outside its borders. 
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation Team fully supports Ms.Silavi’s decision in case she decides to press charges against Mr.Bhehshti. 
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO)
3 May 2018