Iranian authorities have released around 450 Ahwazi Arab detainees who had participated in April protests against racism and marginalisation. 50 however, still remain in prison. 
The 450 were released by heavy bails that ranges somewhere between 300 Million - 500 Million Tomans but  about 50 detainees remain under custody as their families can not provide the bail.
According to the testimonies of released detainees, among the 50  there are women and underage boys and girls 20 of which are currently in Ahwaz central prison of “Sheiban” and 30 in “Sepidar” and ministry of intelligence secret  detention centres.
The released detainees  are waiting for the announcement of their court date, while the other 50 are undergoing sever physical and psychological torture to obtain forced confessions.
There are 6 women in “Sepidar” prison of Ahwaz. The 15 year-old “Maedeh Shaabni” is one of the detainees who has been in prison for the past 3 months for writing and chanting Arabic poems on discrimination, marginalisation, culture and history of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran.     
The detainees were allowed to use the phone and call their families but only days after arrest and after bribing the prison staff. 
According to reports there  are no newspapers,TV, or radio and the detainees are absolutely disconnected from the outside world and they are kept in dirty unites where contagious diseases and lack of facilities and malnutrition has led to sickness of several detainees among them “Shaabni “.  
Ahwazi Arabs, also known as Arabs of Iran took the streets on 28 march 2018 in protest to the systematic racism of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) that has disregarded the existence of millions of Arab citizens in a  children show that supposedly introduced “ethnic diversity “ of Iran. 
However days after and as IRIB officials refused to declare an official apology or amend the situation, the protests continued for more than 10 days and it  turned to manifestations against all shapes and forms of discrimination and marginalisation that is being implemented by central government against Arab minority of Iran.  
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) condemns the crackdown of the peaceful protests and the detention of citizens who were arrested for participating in the protests and calls upon the Iranian government to release the 50 women, children and men who are still living under dire situation in notorious prisons of Ahwaz.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) 
27 May 2018