Dozens of Ahwazi Arab cultural activists were arrested and interrogated by the Iranian Intelligence Service prior to the celebrations of Eid “Al-adha" in Ahwaz during the past few days.
According to the sources of Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) the Iranian authorities carry out these arrests each year around this time to  intimidate  Ahwazi Arabs who gather to celebrate this holy celebration. 

 The following individuals  were arrested by the Iranian security forces on Sunday 27th of August 2017.

     1-Riyaz Zeheri, 21 yesrs old from Mallashiya (Ahwaz)
     2-Jawad Hashemi 27 years old 
     3-Hassan Hayawi (Elhaee) 28 years old
     4-Hassan Delfi 23 years old
5-Heidar Sawari 27 years old 
   6-Milad Afrawi 22 years old 
 7-Shaker Sharifi 27 years old 
8-Yasser Silawi 27 yeard old 
   9-Sajad Nasiri (Elhaee) 22  years old
   10-Abbas Sharifi 21 years old
11-Ali Bawi 23 years old 
 12-Yousef Khasraj 20 years old 
   13-Ahmad Heidari 15 years old

 During the last efew days the following are the cultural activists who were also arrested:
   14-Khosro Saedi (Abo Emad)
15-Ahmad Daghagheleh (Al-helal cultural association)
 16-Morteza Neisi
 17-Saleh Manabi
   18-Abdullah Saedi (Abo Taha), blogger  of “ I am a culturist” website
19-Fahad Hamadi
20-Aziz Kenani ( Head of Funon culture association)
 21-Nabi Neisi ( Head of Moaalem(Teacher) association)
 22-Hadi Saebi (An Ahwazi Mandaie activist)
 23-Mahdi Koroshat
 24-Adnan Abyat
   25-Abbas Sawari
   26-Mohsen Sawari
   27-Yaqub Heidari
28-Basem Badwi
  29-Masoud Hardani
 30-Ali Dahaimi
31-Saeed Tamimi
   32-Yasin Bawi
33-Farid Anafcheh
  34-Saeed Khedri
  35-Wesam Shorfeh

AHRO calls upon the international community to apply put  pressure on the Iranian authorities to respect freedom of speech and the right of peaceful gathering as stated in Articles 19 ”Right to freedom of opinion and expression”  and   20”Right to freedom of assembly and association”  of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

AHRO also condemn the arbitrary arrests of Ahwazi Arabs by the Iranian security forces as it is a blunt  violation of their human rights and the international law. In addition AHRO calls for the immediate release of these detainees without inflicting physical and mental torture upon them.

 Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO)
30th August 2017