Narges Mohammadi’s Court Session Was Postponed

HRANA News Agency – In contrast to what was scheduled, the court session of Narges Mohammadi, the imprisoned human rights activist was not conducted.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), while the court session of Ms. Mohammadi was scheduled for July 6, after her lawyer and family went to the court, it was stated that Ms. Mohammadi was not transferred to the court and the session was cancelled. No statement has been announced in regard of the reason of postponement or the next court date.

According to Taghi Rahmani, the husband of Narges Mohammadi, she is supposed to be tried for her human rights activities and separately for collusion and propaganda against the regime allegations.

Narges Mohammadi is a human rights activist, journalist, spokesperson of human rights association and head of the executive board of peace council of Iran, after many threats and summons, last time was arrested by the intelligence service forces in her house, and transferred to Evin prison to serve her 6 years in prison sentence.

This human right activist was arrested many times. She was in custody between June 10 and July 2, 2010 and due to the high stress during the interrogation got very sick. Branch number 28 of the revolutionary court sentenced her to 11 years in prison on charge of collusion against the national security by being a member in human rights activists association, on September. This sentence was reduced to 6 years, on March 9, 2012. Again, she was arrested on April 21, 2012 in Zanjan, and transferred to Evin prison, and then Zanjan prison, on May 16. She had been transferred to Vali-Asr hospital of Zanjan due to her illness on July 9.

Narges Mohammadi was in temporary release on 600 million Tomans bail, but she was continuously facing summons and threats of the intelligence service and judicial officials. When she was interrogated in Evin court, she was told that she had been banned from leaving the country, on June 1, 2014. She was summoned to branch number 15 of the revolutionary court to be tried for charges like acts against the national security, propaganda against the regime and campaigns like stopping execution and fight against invincibility of punishment, on May 3, 2015. She is one of the supporters of the mother of Sattar Beheshti, imprisoned blogger who was murdered in police detention on November 3, 2012.

The arrest of Narges Mohammadi had many different reactions. Some of her companions like Gohar Eshghi, mother of Satar Beheshti, Mohammad Nourizad the journalist and former political prisoner, Mohammad Maleki, the prominent figure of Iran universities, started a strike in front of Evin prison, couple of hours after her arrest.

Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel peace prize winner published an open letter and asked the special rapporteurs of UN, including Ahmad Shaheed, the special rapporteur of human rights condition of UN in Iran, to do whatever they can for the freedom of Narges Mohammadi.