On 4 May 2021, it was reported that a young gay Ahwazi man was killed by members of his family. His body was found one day later. Ali Fazeli Monfared (Alireza) was 20 years old at the time this crime was committed.

According to 6rang (The Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network) report that Alireza was killed by his half-brothers after they discovered his sexual orientation.

The discovery came after Alireza’s military exemption card was sent to his father’s house. The exemption card identified Alireza as a gay man by referring to Section 5, Paragraph 7 of the Iranian law, whereby a card is issued for gay and transgender men to be exempt from military service, classifying them as having a mental disorder. Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO) strongly condemns the discrimination that the LGBTQ+ community in Iran suffers, both legally and socially.

AHRO holds the Iranian regime responsible for this heinous crime that occurred due to discriminatory laws and a system that supports patriarchy and toxic masculinity, ultimately leading to such acts of violence. We condemn every individual that was involved in committing this despicable act of violence, and strongly regret that no one until this moment has been arrested for this crime.

The Iranian law has protected the criminals who commit violence against members of their own families in the guise of honor killing. The systematic leniency with which such cases are treated means there is no deterrent for potential perpetrators. Finally, AHRO would like to express condolences to the friends and family of the diseased and the LGBTQ+ community in Iran.

8 May 2021