Iranian intelligence arrested the Ahwazi writer and civil activist, Abbas Saedi, on Wednesday, November 11, at seven in the morning.
Intelligence agents raided Saedi's house and beat his grandmother, who tried to prevent them from storming the house and inquired about the reason for the raid. They also confiscated all of the family members' phones.
It is reported that Abbas Saedi (30 years old) has a BA in law and is a civil activist and writer of short stories. He lives in the town of Hamidiyeh and has written articles for local Arab and Persian websites for years.
He also had a channel via Telegram, called 'Shakhabit', in which he published his writings, and the security forces arrested him for that years ago, and kept his case open.
Saedi was facing many difficulties, including his dismissal from work in a dispensary in Ahwaz. This led to a living crisis for the family, being the eldest son who supports them.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO) condemns the arrest of Mr Abbas Saedi, and demands the immediate release of him and all prisoners of conscience, political prisoners and human rights defenders in Iran.
Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO)
11 Nov 2020