On April 29th, the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO) received a report about the severe beating of a group of Ahwazi Arab political prisoners by prison guards in Ahwaz’s Sheiban Prison.

The human rights organization quoted its sources stating that 3 Ahwazi Arab political prisoners Mohammad Ali Amouri, Mukhtar Alboshokeh and Qassem Sanjari had been severely beaten on Thursday, April 29th , adding: "these political prisoners were harassed by two other prisoners identified as Hossein Porkar ( convicted with embezzlement ), Adnan Zabieh and other convicted criminals. The situation escalated and the prison guards attacked the 3 political prisoners   resulting in bloody injuries.

Following the beating the 3 political prisoners were sent to solitary confinement without receiving any treatment. In January 2019, the same 3 individuals along with other political prisoners including: Abdulzahra Heleichi,Yahya Naseri, Nazem Bereihi, Abdulimam Zayeri and Jaber Alboshokeh underwent a hunger strike as a sign of protest for not separating political prisoners from dangerous convicted prisoners. Prison officials responded with torture, beating and verbal abuse.

Mr.Amouri and Albushoka are Arab activists who were members of the Al-Hawar (Dialogue) cultural Institute. They were sentenced to execution by the Revolutionary Court on false security charges, but later their sentence was reduced to  life imprisonment.

Sanjari is also an Arab political activist who has been sentenced to prison. Authorities in Ahwaz prisons, especially Sheiban Prison, consistently keep prisoners with dangerous criminals in the same ward as political prisoners in order to harass Arab political prisoners.

The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, refers to the need to observe the "separation of prisoners on the basis of crime" and calls on international organizations and the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran to condemn the systematic harassment of political prisoners in Iran and to oblige the relevant authorities of the Islamic Republic to respect the rights of prisoners.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO)

April 30th 2021